Real Estate Fun Fact: Finding Motivated Sellers …

Fact: You MUST acquire an abundance of seller leads that no one 
else is focusing on in order to eliminate your competition and make 
money in real estate.
Not rocket science, huh?
If you've been reading my emails and blog posts, then you can see
how much I stress the importance of finding leads.
But it's not only about finding leads.  It's about finding motivated sellers
(typically ones that come in abundance) that no one else is focusing on.
Simply put, this is the difference between being an average or even
un-successful investor, and being a real estate tycoon.
If you have aspirations of making an extra $10,000 to $25,000/ mo
and you haven't hit that goal yet, then you really need to consider 
focusing your attention on finding motivated sellers.
But you might be asking yourself… "How do I do this"?
I'll answer that in a sec, but first let me share 2 things that I
feel you should be looking for.
1. The first thing that you should be looking for in a good lead is
VACANCY.  Yep, vacant properties make for better deals.  So focus
your attention on these types of leads.
2. The next thing is the amount is equity the property has.  That's
right!  Obviously, if a property has equity you can negotiate a
better deal.  The more the merrier.
If you focus you're attention on these 2 things when you are looking
for leads, you will win half the battle.
Now going back to that question… How do I do this?
Well, this week I want to invite you to watch a very important
webinar presentation that will show you exactly how to do this.
Here's what you'll learn on this webinar:
- How to Instantly see EVERY VACANT house in your market with the 
push of a button (Owner’s name, mailing address, property value, and much
- How to Instantly see EVERY PROPERTY WITH HIGH EQUITY in your 
local market (even over 10 million properties owned “Free And Clear”)
- How to Instantly see EVERY VACANT WITH HIGH EQUITY!!!  Have 
Your Phones Ringing Within 48 Hours From HIGHLY MOTIVATED
SELLERS that can actually SELL without Headaches, Banks, Title
Issues, and every other B.S. situation out there
-How to Become The “Go To” Source for all your competitors (let your
competition fight over the same old deals. You now have a new
source that NO ONE in your market even knows about)
- And lots more.
Register for the call now >>>
This call will confirm EVERYTHING that I've been telling you about 
becoming successful in the real estate business and some.  
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Talk soon!
~ Jamel

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