Down Real Estate Market Strategy Courtesy of Uncle Sam

Here's a great down market real estate strategy...

Did you know that there are people in the US that have unclaimed money?

Uncle Sam may even owe YOU some money...
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That's right!

I was shocked when I heard about it as well.

In fact, one of my relatives found out that he was owed a couple of
grand in unclaimed money not too long ago.

Funny thing is, someone was charging him to help him get money that
he didn't even know existed.

Then I thought to myself, what a nice way to make some easy money.

You see, Uncle Sam is in possession of billions of dollars in
unclaimed money.  Millions of Americans are owed money and they
don't even know it.

And I know that nowadays people are eager to get every penny that's
owed to them.

What if you could help them get that money?

What if you were able to help people find "lost money" AND make a
profit from it as well?

It would sure be a nice source of additional revenue on the side of
your real estate business.  Wouldn't it?
Especially in a down real estate market!

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In fact, you can even combine this strategy with your real estate
Think about this...

You come across a seller that is in need of cash, you purchase
their property and as a token of your appreciation you let them
know about the possibility of the government owing them money.

They get excited, and you run their information to see if they have
money owned to them and it turns out they do. 
You help them claim it and you make some extra money as well.
It's a win-win for everybody!

Not bad huh?

And this is all possible because of the government owing people
money that you can help them claim.

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Now go and take action!

~ Jamel

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