Donald Trump and this Real Estate Market… What’s your Opinion?

I’ve been saying it all along. Now is the time to make some serious money in this real estate market and the best way to do it is to flip houses. I want your opinion! (NOTE: When the video is over click the back button in the top left hand corner to reply)

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8 thoughts on “Donald Trump and this Real Estate Market… What’s your Opinion?

  1. Sounds like what he’s saying is to get your foot in the door by offering a debt negotiating service and then hope to be the go-to guy for a short-sale of the home, or a sub 2, all cash, lease option etc. However, where I live(LI,NY), the wholesaling method won’t work on these situations unless the home is a wreck and is free and clear or with lots of equity. People here are just too sophisticated.

  2. Hey Tim,

    I think that in NY (like other high priced areas) short sales are the way to go. The reason is because there are so many new homeowners that have bought their home within the past 5 years and they paid too much for the property. Now that the market has turned and those adjustable rates and principle from the interest only loans are starting to kick in alot of people can’t handle the payments. Yes the people in NY are very sophisticated but people are like that in many places. Being a real estate broker in Brooklyn, I do know what you mean. But, you have to remember that its a numbers game. Your only looking for people who NEED to sell and they are everywhere (including NY).

    One ethical way to use the wholesale method in NY is to sign an agreement with a homeowner under an LLC and then assign the LLC to the investor who will buy the property.

  3. Jamel:

    Hi Marce here: I thought it was good and bad. He was telling the foreclosure people fight it out and don’t leave( which I feel really bad for) but as an investor that’s
    not good to negotiate a pre foreclosure they would rather go to the bank. The other is to buy now– good for investors so mixed feelings. I need private money or need to
    buy and sell at the same time and this new FHA law (which I don’t understand) You can’t do this anymore. So Help! That’s my say on the Donald.

  4. Hey Marcie,

    When you say the new FHA law which one are you referring to? Also, if you
    need a hard money lender call Cory Bauman at Rehab Funding Inc. Tell him that I gave you the number. His number is 610-645-9978 ext 310. They lend nationwide.

  5. Everything the Donald said was true. Although most investors don’t care what the house looks like, the uglier the better…and cheaper and that’s what we want. I feel sorry for those that may loose their homes and I hope they can work something out…but if not – call and investor!

  6. really nice of you to share this with us….i just got even more motivated to get my first deal!! 😉

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