How to Get Discounted Real Estate Notes for FREE

There are 2 main exit strategies that you can use when you are
investing in real estate notes.

1. You can flip them for a quick profit

2. You can cash flow from them

But what if you were able to do BOTH at the same time.

Here's what I mean…

Let's say (hypothetically) you contact a private equity firm that
had a package of 30 discounted notes for sale at $500,000.  You
offer $250,000 and they take the offer.

So now that you control the deal what you decide to do is cherry
pick the best houses from the package and set them aside.  

Let's say that after cherry picking the best houses there are 20
houses left.  10 good flippers and 20 that are descent enough to

So then you decide that you're going to create 2 sets of
properties.  The properties that you cherry picked will be flipped
to another investor for $250,000 and the other 20 properties will
go into your portfolio and you will keep them for rental income.

These 20 properties will bring in $800/ mo each which will give you
an estimated $16,000/ mo before expenses.

Although you won't make any money on the flip, you will make a NICE
monthly cash flow.  In essence, you're cash buyer that purchases
the 10 properties from you will pay for your 20 properties in full.

Would you do that deal?...

Also, do you think that's a win-win situation?

Of course it is.  And this is just and example of what you can do
when adding discounted real estate notes into your investment strategy.
Imagine being able to get 20 or more properties for free.

Now, In case you didn't know…

The Hedge Fund Formula video that I recommended this week will be
coming down shortly.  And this is the final post that I'll send on

So if you haven't already, go here and watch the video now.

Or forever hold your peace 🙂

Now go and take action!

~ Jamel

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