Residential VS. Commercial Real Estate… Which is Better?

So which is better? Residential or Commercial Real Estate?
That's been a question that's been asked by investors for many
The truth is it depends.
You see there are pros and cons in both areas.
Some people prefer commercial properties over residential
properties.  Other investors fear commercial property investing and
prefer residential.
Again, it all depends on YOU as an investors and how comfortable
you are with either area.
On the other hand, constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone
will make you rich.
The good news is...
There is one strategy that will allow you to do both (purchase
residential and commercial properties in one)...
... And that's apartment building investing.
Here's the thing, you can do the same thing with apartment building
investing that you can with residential investing AND be more
creative with it as well.
For instance, you can:
Wholesale them
Rehab them
Lease option them
Seller finance them, etc
And of course you can make money renting them out.
The difference is that the numbers are bigger, and so are the
Tomorrow, I'm going to send you a lesson on the benefits of
collecting monthly cash flow from apartment buildings versus single
family properties.
Trust me, there are some things you'd want to know.
Btw, if you haven't checked out the video that I sent you yesterday
on building cash flow from apartment buildings, then...
Watch the Video Now by Clicking Here >>>
See ya later!
~ Jamel

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