How to Invest In The BEST Commercial Property Types Using A Master Lease Option

There are certain commercial property types that you can purchase using a
Master Lease Option.
If you want to use the following commercial property types, make sure that you're searching for underperforming properties that are bringing in income.
Also keep in mind that some of these property types fall into the same category, even though they are different.

Here are some commercial property types that will best fit the criteria:

1. Multifamily/ Apartment buildings
2. Retail and Shopping stores
3. Office space
4. Mobile Home Parks
5. Warehouses
6. Self-Storage
7. Senior Living

Notice how these are all income producing properties...
But some of them are in the same category.  For instance, multifamily properties can be in the same category as senior living.  Retail stores can be in the same category as office space.  Self storage can be in the same category as warehousing, etc.
You get the picture!
No matter what you choose to focus on, be sure to focus on underperforming, incoming producing properties.
That's how to invest in these commercial property types using a master lease option.

And if you want to get started in adding these properties into your portfolio then...

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