Sep 23

[Case Study] How Matt Made $10k on a DEAD Wholesale Deal

Hey, Today, I wanted to share my newest case study with ANOTHER student that completed his first wholesale deal. This student went from being a customer service and sales rep to making his first $10k in real estate this past … Continue reading

Jun 26

Wholesaling Pretty Houses- Unflippable Houses for Unloanable Buyers

Did you know that there is a way to get started wholesaling pretty houses? Read today’s post to find out how… Over 95% of real estate investors flip houses to 25% of the available buyer pool. That leaves another whopping 75% of … Continue reading

Jun 01

Why having the right systems makes all the difference

The other day we spoke about why companies like McDonalds are able to make money in multiple “satellite” locations without having a main headquarters in that market. The key to doing this is by having the right systems in place. For instance, … Continue reading

May 28

Why Distressed Investors Equals Great Deals?

If you’ve been around the real estate business for any amount of time, then you would know that the key to getting great deals is by working with motivated (distressed) homeowners. If you can find a distressed homeowner, then you … Continue reading

Apr 22

3 Ways to Profit on Judgement Liens (one way is super fast)

Below is an actual case study of the 3 ways you can make money with judgment liens. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a judgment is a legal document stating that a debt is owned from one party in … Continue reading