How to Create a Cash Buyer Frenzy

This morning I've been getting a ton of calls on a property that I 
contracted a little over a week ago.  I expect to sell this property 
between today and Wednesday.  This is possible because of my
cash buyer frenzy that I've created.
This particular property is worth $125,000 rehabbed.  It needs
$20,000 in work and I have it under contract right now for $45,000.
As you know, I flip several properties on a monthly basis. And in order 
for me to do this, I have to continually search for cash buyers.
So in today's lesson I want to share with you some simple (yet effective) ways
to find "REAL" cash buyers...
Here you go:
1. Craigslist- Believe it or not CL works.  If I had no money and all I had was 
CL, I would sell houses left and right.
2. Bandit Signs- In addition to your CL ads, you will also want to put a sign
in front of the houses and within a 3-5 block radius of the house.  This will
get your phone ringing... make sure the signs are handwritten.
3. Newspaper ads- Yes we live in an internet world, but real cash buyers are
not spending their time on the internet.  They are using old school methods
to find properties, like searching in the newspapers in the area.
4. (For Experienced Investors) Contact your recent cash buyers who've
purchased properties from you already.
If you implemented all of the above methods above, their is no way that you
won't sell your properties that you're looking to wholesale.
Keep in mind that those are just "some" of the strategies that are part of my
"Cash Buyer Frenzy" method that I've used to add thousands of real buyers
to my buyers list.
If you want more information on how you can implement my "Cash Buyer
Frenzy" strategy in order to sell your REO wholesale deals and private
owned wholesale deals asap...
Then Watch This Video Here>>
I'm thinking of taking it down soon!  Just FYI.
Now Go Take Action!
~ Jamel
p.s.  Tomorrow, I will share with you the 4 Qualifying Questions in order
to weed out the tire kickers and specifically spot the real cash buyers.
Until then...
Watch this Video to Get Started >>

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