Buying Bank Owned Houses- Focus on the Sitting Duck

Here's something you may find interesting.

One of the things that I talk about in my Real Estate REPO Riches program is
focusing on properties that everyone have forgotten about when buying bank owned houses.

These properties are what I call "The Sitting Ducks".

Their easy targets for investors that are are looking to eliminate
(or at least reduce) their competition.

Anyway, in order to figure out if a property is a "true" sitting
duck you have to know the answers to the following:

1. How long the property has been on the market?
2. Is the property vacant or occupied?
3. Has the price been reduced (if so how much)?
4. (optional) How many offers has the bank turned down
or at least received?

I think the MOST important one is the first one…

Get the answers to these questions and you'll know if
you have a "Sitting Duck" or not when buying bank owned houses.

And for those of you that like hunting, you know that the sitting
duck is an easy target.

Alright, that's it for today.

To see how you can apply my "Low Hanging Fruit" strategy in order
to best qualify the "Sitting Ducks" check out the video below…

Watch the video here >>


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