Building Business Credit: Real Option or Farce?

I got this comment in from Joe the other day…

"It's all a big farce…"

So, is building business credit a big farce?

In my opinion, the answer is NO!

Can it be difficult to get? Yes… if you don't know what you are doing.

I started building business credit a few years ago and immediately was able to get business credit without putting my personal name on the dotted line.

Within a month, I had thousands of dollars available to me.

Now don't get me wrong, it does take time to build business credit. And if you wanna purchase real estate and make other significant purchases with it, then you will have to build the right kind of business credit.

Case in Point:

You can get $10,000 in business credit from Staples. And obviously you can't buy real estate, or a new Benz for your business with Staples credit.

But, you can get regular bank loans and bank credit cards after building your business credit in order to make significant purchases.

The object is to get started now, so that in a few months you can have this credit available to you in order to further your business growth.

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See ya!


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