How to Auction Wholesale Deals Online

Is it possible to auction wholesale deals online?
If you've been involved in real estate for any amount of time, then
you've probably heard about flipping properties using a "Round
Robin" auction.
They've been around forever.
BUT, what about using that same method to wholesale houses on eBay?
Well guess what?  It works!
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Let's just say you found a property for sale and you were able to
lock it up at a deep discount.  Let's also say that you didn't have
a buyers list, or none of your existing buyers were interested in
that property.  One of the methods that I've always liked to use is
the round robin auction method in order to sell my properties.
This method is great because it causes "bidding wars" and also gets
you above asking price 90% of the time. 
The problem with doing this though is it can be a little time
consuming (especially if you're new to it.)
But, what if you were able to use the same method, but have it
automated for you on eBay?
All you need to do is list your property on eBay.  I prefer to list
with a reserve amount, this way my bidders on the property will
have to meet a certain amount before they can be awarded the
Some of my friends prefer to NOT have a reserve amount.  So
whatever your preference is, just go with it.
Next, eBay will simply market your property on their site.  You can
also, do some marketing yourself.  Obviously, you're going to want
to have a deadline as well.
Once you start getting bids, then your property will be awarded to
the highest bidder.
This works well if you have properties that you were able to pick
up at a dirt cheap price.  One thing that you want to keep in mind
is if you purchased a house on eBay, don't sell it on eBay
unless you wait a while.
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Now go and take action!

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