Actions Solves Problems

I don’t watch TV much but recently I was watching an episode of House on USA.  On this particular episode House had a patient that was raped and ended up catching an STD.  To make a long story short she didn’t want to talk to anyone but house.  During their conversation she mentioned something that inspired me to put this together for you.  She said that time changes things, but then House corrected her and said that time doesn’t change things, Doing things changes things.

I was immediately inspired by this because it’s something that I preach to my students all the time.  Massive Action Equals Massive Results.  Time doesn’t change anything.  If you still haven’t made money investing in real estate time isn’t going to change that.  Doing things to accomplish that goal will.  Personally, when I jump into something I don’t give it much thought, because thinking too much is a way of procrastinating.

The moral of the story is in order to get things done, you have to Just Do it.  Yes you may make mistake along the path, but success is measured by the amount of times you failed.  Not the amount of times you’ve succeeded.  You will make mistakes, but the idea is to adjust and fix the mistakes along the path and keep on doing.  Remember, doing things makes things happen.

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