[True Story] How Having Access to Private Money Changed My Life

Yesterday, I revealed a little story about how I got started in
real estate.  I told you about how having access to private money
changed my life.
You see, back in 2002 I was a broke 21 year old kid with dreams of
making money in real estate.  Nowadays, my life has completely
Here's the reason why >>>
But it all started with what's revealed on the link above.
Although having access to private money changed the game for me, I
still needed a game plan or else I would be making money with no purpose...
... It would be like driving a car with no destination.
I would be making it, and spending it just as fast.  Not worrying
about setting myself up for the future.
Set up your future here >>>
You see, for the first few years in business, I was making a lot of
money, but I was spending it all splurging on un-necessary things. 
But back in 2005 I decided that I wanted to set myself up for the
future and not turn real estate into another J.O.B.
I was 24 years old at the time. And this is when I came up with the
following game plan.
This game plan will allow me to retire by the age of 37 if I choose
to.  And if you follow it, you can be retired and financially free
while you're still young enough to enjoy it as well.
Okay, like I mentioned yesterday, most investors start off
wholesaling.  And that's exactly what you should do as well.
The reason for this is because wholesaling will allow you to learn
the business, build capital, and build relationships ( aka your
As you turn profits on your wholesale deals, you'll want to save
the money.  The average wholesale deal will make you $5000 to
$10,000 per deal.
Once you wholesale 5-8 deals you'll want to start searching
for private money using the info on this page...
See what I'm talking about here >>>
Once you line up your private funding you're going to start rehabbing
properties for HUGE profits.  This is in addition to your wholesale
Again, save your money from the wholesales and rehabs as well.
The average rehab deal will make you at least $30,000.  In fact, I
won't rehab a house unless I can make at least 30k on it.
Anyway, after 4 rehabs and 8 wholesale deals you should have enough
money to buy 1-2 rental properties free and clear.
Shoot for a property that can net you $1,000 monthly.
If you do this 1-2 times per year, then you can have a minimum of
10 houses paid for within the next 5-10 years.
These houses will make you at least 10k per month... whether you
work or not.
Now THAT's a real retirement plan that no one can take away from
It all starts with private money.
See how you can get some here >>>
Now go and take action!
~ Jamel
p.s. tomorrow I'm going to reveal how to use a simple online site
in order to find private money lenders in your own back yard.
Stay tuned.

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