The Absentee Property Umbrella

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Now for today's lesson!

One of the main lead sources that I like to focus on is "Absentee
Owned" properties.  The reason for this is because it comprises of
several different types of deals that I can take advantage of as a
real estate investor.

For example, under the "absentee property umbrella", I can find the
following types of deals:

1. Commercial deals which includes multi-units, lots, self storage
facilities, etc.- These properties fall under the absentee property umbrella because MOST landlords with multi unit properties don't actually live in the property.

2. Probate / Estate deals- The beneficiaries on these estate deals are most likely going to fall under the absentee property umbrella as well.

3. Free and clear deals- You can find free and clear properties that are absentee owned.

4. Fire damaged deals- Obviously, no one is going to live in a fie damaged property.

5. Code Violation deals- Some of these properties are owned by landlords that don't want to be landlords anymore.  And they are absentee owned as well.

These types of deals are what you should be looking for and they
can ALL be found under the "Absentee Property Umbrella".

When you watch the webinar replay, you'll see how I work these
types of deals in full detail.  You'll also see how I cherry pick
the properties that stand out as better deals, and ultimately put
checks in the bank.

Watch the replay here >>>

It's coming down in 36 hours.

Now go and take action!

~ Jamel


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  1. Hi Jamel,

    Really wanted to se this one but was out of town with my wife and kids for the holiday weekend. Any way that I might be able to see it?

    Thank you!

  2. Jamel,

    Can you please put “Property Umbrella Blueprint” back on the market sometime soon?

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