Absentee Owned Properties: How Did You Find That Deal?

The most common question that I received over the past few days was:
"How did you find that deal?"
I can assure you that it wasn't hard.  In fact, the seller of that
deal "found me" and because of it, I was able to put an extra
$9,920 in my bank account.  And it only took a few hours of my time
to work the deal.
There are 5 (sometimes 6) types of leads that I like to focus on
when using my Reverse Engineered Investing strategy.  5 of them
fall under 1 category...
Absentee Owned Properties...
And to be honest with you, under this 1 umbrella of leads you can
create so many different types of deals.  For example, a partner
and I recently purchased a 3 unit apartment building for $1000. 
But, the 3 unit was an absentee owned property because the seller
didn't live in the property, it was fire damaged making it a fire
damaged deal, and the property was in an estate making it an
absentee owned, fire damaged probate deal...
Make sense?
All of these categories fell under the 1 umbrella...
absentee owned properties.
And trust me, they are easy to find and it's even easier to get them
to contact YOU.
This is part of what I'll be sharing this coming Wednesday, on a
special LIVE webinar and you're invited.
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Most investors "think" they know how to work these types of leads
and they end up failing miserably.  
What I am going to show you on this live webinar is NOT what you 
think.  And by using my "Reverse Engineered Investing" strategy 
I am able to run circles around my competition with minimum effort.
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Talk soon!
~ Jamel
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