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Who is Jamel Gibbs?

Jamel Gibbs is a successful real estate investor, marketer, serial entrepreneur, speaker and writer.

He is the owner of Mill Street Properties LLC, a successful real estate investing firm. He is also the owner of the REI Education Academy LLC, which is a successful real estate investment education firm and publishing company that teaches their clients how to build successful real estate investing businesses.

Jamel Gibbs is the author of the Best Selling Flip for Profits Manifesto as well as the creator of several home study training programs that include the Real Estate REPO Riches system, The Wholesale Cash Generator System, The Flip Vault Inner Circle Club, The REI Inner Circle Club, The Instant Wholesaler Training Program, and The How to Flip for Profits Double Video Series.

Jamel coaches and consults people all across the country in an effort to help them achieve true financial freedom through real estate investing.

He has helped many students become real estate investors and he can also help you too. Our coaching program takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the process, you can check out the coaching program by clicking here.

Our Mission:

Jamel Gibbs is dedicated to helping his client's achieve personal success and the lifestyle they desire. The vehicle he uses to accomplish this is real estate investing. Our mission is to help clients obtain freedom through investing in real estate because it's one of the most lucrative ways to do this. We want to show you the right way to run a real estate business in order to succeed as a real estate investor. Our trainings and live events teach all the aspects involved with real estate investing. We want you to succeed!

Our in-depth reo courses and other real estate investing training ranges from $37.00 – $1497.00 depending on the level of assistance you will need. We also have personal one on one real estate investing coaching programs as well. Free content is also available for those who would like to take advantage of our ongoing free training materials until you are ready for our more advanced courses and video training.  All you need to do is subscribed to our newsletter for our daily  email updates.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Who are your mentors? Your drive is admirable and rewarding to say the least! I going to go back through your archives. You are very generous to leave them up for review. Thanks!

  2. You are inspiring, so young and you dream and take action , reminds me of me 25 years ago! Keep doing it! It is awesome to see such a young man take life and living it, you take action.

  3. more action and viable useful information
    provided by you than most other gurus,
    it is good to know you have substance
    definitely becoming your client!

    Have some experience simply am energized by
    your motives, generosity and accomplishments!

  4. Please go to http://www.REI-Coaching.com to find out more about the coaching program.


  5. Hey Bro, I’m following up on what you said about “doing things changes things…” My name is Woodley. I am the owner/CEO of WOODLEY CONTRACTING INC. and author of “IT WORKS!!! Achieving Real Estate Prosperity in a Troubled Economy”. I am attempting to seek out young brother’s like yourself, making moves in real estate, who may be interested in an aggressive book promotion and marketing campaign about real estate investing. Please check out my web site and contact me so I can kick my ideas to you.


  6. Hi Jamel,

    I am new to the Mogul site and to your site as well. I was very impressed with your profile and works, and I am interested in growing my investor’s business, I am new and very eager about learning and implementing ideas on how to expand and make my business properous I have been to other programs like one of the other Moguls, great teaching, but hasn’t given me a road map on how to get started. I need help..

    Please contact me at deborah_saddler@sbcglobal.net .

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