3 Things to Learn from the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl 44 Champs

Here’s a few things that you can learn from the

New Orleans Saints…

3 Things to Learn from the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl 44 Champs

1. Never Give Up- Just 4 years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf and destroyed the city, they knew (although hopeless at the time) that they would make a comeback. 

Even the team had a horrible season after the disaster but the city and the team stood by each other.  They “Never gave up”.

2. Have Patience- It took the Saints organization 21 years to put together a winning season with their 44 year old team.  But they never gave up.  Through patience they were able to stand firm and conquer in the end.

3. Believe- The team quarter back Drew Brees injured his shoulder a few years back and no one thought that he was gonna be able to play again. Drew was smart enough to seek professional help by hiring doctors that would be able to offer him the **Best** treatment.

After some hard work.  He dusted himself off and got back in the game.  Everyone thought he was a bad investment at the time, but he believed in himself and is now the Super Bowl 44 MVP.

As Les Brown says …

“Shoot for the moon.  And if you miss,  you will still be
among the stars.”

As real estate investors the principles are all the same.  They can literally make you or break you.  Mindset is everything in this biz.  And without the right mindset you will set yourself up for failure.

All of us have the ability to succeed.  The ability to achieve great things.  We have the choice to live our lives the way we choose.  BUT… only the strong will survive.  If you give up, then shame on you.

In today’s real estate investment market there are so many opportunities to create wealth it’s not even funny.  But again, it’s up to you to set “unreasonable” goals, have patience, work hard/smart and believe.

There is no magic pill to success.  Those are the principles.

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